good record store in NYC

hi, Folks,

I am on my way to NYC for a short visit, and I will like to hunt for some vinyls, would you folks please recommend some good record stores(vinyl only, mainly classical and Jazz music ) in NYC for me? thanks a lot.

Academy Music on 18th between 5th and 6th
Academy has their jazz, pop, folk etc (so not classical) at their other location on 10th between 4rd and lafayette (3rd ave), and they've got a good selection and you can listen before you buy.

Second Hand Rose is on 12th between University and Broadway, but I find them a tad pricey sometimes.

Footlight records is great for folk, they're on 12th between 3rd and 4th ave.

Jazz Record Center is in chelsea on sixth avenue, and available on the web (and in previous posts here).

Otherwise, google could probably turn up a slew.

have fun!
Academy Records (jazz, blues, soul, etc), 77 e. 10th st. btwn 3rd and 4th ave--(you can listen to any of the records)

Academy Records (classical location), 12 West 18th Street, btwn 6th & 7th ave

Westsider Records, 233 west 72nd St. off of Broadway (very nice place)
Hello I live in the city and have to say that vinyl is really dried up over here. If u like and I should not tell u my haunts. Try all the local thrift shops and some of the Salvation army stores. I do go to acadamy once in a while but they know the prices for all so no real bargains to be found there. I believe secound hand rose is not there anymore and yes they were very pricey for the condition and what they were selling. Well thats it and happy hunting.
I was a little disapointed in Academy's quality the last time I was there, but the selection is large.
Walk down St Marks in the village, there are quite a few record stores as well as some cool places to eat and a pretty fair people-watching selection.
dear folks, Thank you for your responses.