Good Receiver for Cal Audio CL-10?


Divorced Guy on A Budget here ...

For what ever reason, I have fallen in love with the idea of the CL-10...Don't ask why I like audio equipment from a non existent company....something about a high end 5 disk that intrigues me...and I can afford it at the used prices :-)

I am setting up a second listening area in the house. So, a second CL-10 is on its way to me. Question: I want a receiver for this area of the house to power the CL-10 -- and to listen to ocassional weekend afternoon radio program (musical or A Prairie Home Companion-ish). Speakers are going to be a pair of Jamo E700s. The room is a big large -- say 24 by 14 or so. Lots of hard surfaces.

What receiver do you like for this purpose? The Outlaw RR2150? A Rotel or NAD perhaps?

My other system is a Rega Brio 3 amp and a CL-10, with Rega 7 (tower) speakers...This is in a smaller room -- 18 by 12. I could reverse the systems based on the room sizes, but really want the convenience of the receiver in the second listenting area.

Thanks! Plresults AKA Divorced Guy on a Budget

(Where does Jamo stand in the high end audio world?)