Good reasonably priced phono stage recommendation

Greetings. I have a Thorens 140 with an SME arm and an ADC cartridge. I’m in the process of getting a new primary system, most likely Benchmark. For my secondary system I have Wyred 4 Sound integrated with the new Black Ice tube DAC that sounds great. The speakers are Larsen 6.2. I listen to high res files on an iMac and high quality CDs on a Rega Apollo. Occasionally I listen to LPs for things that were never transferred to CD, and using the Thorens is an exercise in nostalgia. So what is a good phono amp given all this? I had a Rega MM once and thought it was basically satisfactory. Possibly something with tubes? Any advice is appreciated. 
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Take a look at fine Austrian engineering. These guys know phono.
So does Shannon Parks, his Budgie or Puffin.
A Jolida JD9 might be a good choice. Affordable, versatile, easy to upgrade and sounds good.
I guess it depends on your definition of "reasonably"
Everything and everyone depends ... ;-)
Hagerman Cornet III around 450