Good Radio Shack FM Antennae

Just picked up a tuner and need a FM antennae to pull anything in. Just want to go to Radio shack this weekend and pick it up. Is anyone using a Radio Shack FM antennae to good effect? How about their high gain powered models?

I have tried a bunch of indoor FM antennas - none powered, though. The best ones for me were the Terk FM+ and the Radio Shack folded dipole. If you go with the folded dipole than you will probably also need a 75/300 ohm f connector adapter (also available at RS).

Radio Shack VHF rabbit ears the replacement kind for your TV. FM frequencys equal chn 7 on TV so for 10 dollars you can have great FM. Better than any Terk I have ever used at 90 dollars. Even work in customers basement locations. Passive. Tom
The Terk FM1 is $13 at Best Buy. Which Terk antenna is $90?

Reference was back to some's audio history.. 8 to 10 years previous when Terk had amplified FM antenna that retailed for 90 american dollars pre Best Buy. Even then the standard vhf rabbit ears were a better performer and represented more justice for the consumer. Tom
"more justice for the consumer"

Gotta love that! Can I use it sometimes?