Good rack with an integrated TV mount

Hey all,

As you can see in my virtual system, I’ve got a wide, low stand that has an integrated TV mount. It’s seen better days (and isn’t well-ventilated - i have to run cooling fans for the amp and DAC) and I’d like to replace it.

As much as I’d love to go hog wild and get a rack of silence, I’m inclined to do the same thing again. As a renter (gotta love NYC), I don’t want to deal with wall mounting the TV and besides, I like how easy it is to hide the cables with a pillar style mount. 


The best alternative I’ve found so far is Salamander Design’s Synergy stands, which appear to offer an optional TV mount. Any other candidates?


Take a look at the BDI Arena tv mount.  It might be a solution with the rack or cabinet of your choice.  

Ooh thanks @rhljazz - that free standing BDI mount looks like it would work with almost any rack.

I mentioned wall mounting the TV (and the reasons for doing so) in your previous thread, but now understand that this is not an option.


They do make free standing/weighted bottom TV mounts and the following is just an example to look at (place it behind whatever lowboy rack you choose).