Good "Link" between SP9 Mk III and ProAc 1SC

Please anyone help me to get some more ideas what power-amp should be mach with both ARC Sp9 MkIII and ProAc 1SC..

Old system, I use McIntosh MA 6100 As a power, but now the time to move up.. I mostly listen Jazz trio :Ex Bill Evans, Jim Hall, Miles Davis, CTI Record, Jobim and all... : 70% for record, 25% for CD and 5% for Tuner

My current system
Music hall MMF7 with Grado Gold
CD - (Typical SONY with MD combo but 24 Bit..!!?!)
Power- MA 6100
Speaker- Proac 1SC with Target stand +sand

I think about some of products like..

- Aragon 8002
- Musical Fidelity A3cr or even A3.2
- Audiolab 8000 Monoblock Power
- Classe Audio

I've used Bi-wire with ProAc if it's gonna be nice for two set of speaker outlets...Do you think?

Please me..
Look for a used ARC tube amp within your price range. ARC and ProAc = MAGIC! Lots of threads on this combo, BTW.
Go Manley all the way! I'm a professional producer/engineer/mixer and have been making records with Manley/Proac (and Transparent Audio cables) for 10 years now and have loved every minute of it.
I loved the sound of my 1sc's with my conrad-johnson premier 11A. However I am downszing my system. I am now running my 11A into ProAc 2.5s, and am selling all my gear and have just purchase another pair of 1sc's and am looking at integrated amps for the simplicity. The system as a whole must work together and I have no idea how an 11A would work with the rest of your equipment, but it did do magical things in mine with the 1sc. I am starting a post looking for suggestions on an integrated so please anyone reading this who has personal experience with the 1sc's please feel free to express thier thoughts.