Good "all-in-one" system? Linn Classik??

I am looking for the best all-in-one compact system
that gets the rhythm pace and timing right. I was
thinking about a linn classik and linn ninka speakers.
This will be an audio-only system, no video.

Are there any other choices I should consider??

i was looking for the same thing a few months ago and found the NAD L40. i think it sounds awesome! it is my bathroom/bedroom system and i have it hooked up to Polk RT25i (very good speaks for $100). i also have a odyssey/paradigm downstairs and jolida/magnepan upstairs so i know what good componenets sound like. i have not heard the Linn so i can not comment. good luck.
I bought the Linn for my parents. Hooked up some Meadowlark Kestral I wasn't using anymore. And it sounds fantastic.
I have owned several Linn Classiks and one Nad L-40. The Linn is by far a better sounding unit, built quality is simply awesome. The current model, the Classik-K, allows you to connect up to five of them to have distributed music in your home. It also has a 7 day alarm which makes it a great system for the bedroom. I have used them with Linn's Katans and Dynaudio 52-SE. I suggest that you use speakers with an efficiency of at least 88 db for best results in a medium size room. One last word, the supplied speaker connectors aren't the best out there, I have used with great success the Nordost Z-Plugs and Linn's K-400 or
Kimber 8-TC.
I've had both as well, and really enjoyed both. They didn't work best with the same speakers. The Classik worked really well with Silverline SR 12's but the L40 didn't. The L40 makes an old pair of DCM Time Pieces sound great, and worked well with B&W DM302's.

And a guilty admission - I use the L40's loudness button when I listen at low levels, it offers more of a difference than the Classik's tone controls do.

You get the AM tuner with the Linn, but you have to get special speaker cable connectors.

There's a learning curve with either remote, but the Classik has the better one, and it is also nicer looking, and it is also more than twice the price new or used.

Neither one will enter you in the competition for extracting the last 5% of musicality from the source, but I don't think that compulsion drives the purchase of an all in one unit.

If you have speakers, try to audition a player before you buy, if not pick your price point and get ready to enjoy.
Someone emailed me and said I should consider a used
Rega Planet 2000 and Rega Maria Int amp. This combo
is small enough that it might work out sizewise and
the price is about the same. What do you guys think?
Would this be a better setup for PRaT? I always
thought Rega was a little bright sounding..?? I like
the sound somewhat warm. I have heard the Classik
and Ninka many years back and I remember it being nice
and warm. I think the Ninkas were rolled off in the
highs and maybe that's why I remember liking it...
Ideas here?? Price-wise I want to spend $1000 to $1500
and the Rega combo and Linn Classik can both be had
used in that price range.