Good-Quality USB Cable

Which USB cable are you using between your computer/streamer and your DAC?

I have a budget of roughly $400-$500 US for a 0.5m-0.75m length.

Any other recommendations?
I use the StereoLab Black Cat SilverStar USB cable in my system. It works out fine. If you can find them there is the Stereolab MR (Master Reference) 808 that is levels above the SilverStar.
The Cabledyne silver USB cable for less than half your budget price. Best of many I tried in the $500 price range. See their reviews.
B.M.C PureUSB1....great USB cable that I was glad came up based upon 1 review I happened to find online. I was considering many other contenders at various price points (higher as well as lower) and this cable was a welcome addition to the system! I learned yesterday that Kubala-Sosna has or will shortly be bringing its prowess at SOTA cable design to the world of USB cables so I'll also be checking out at least one of their offerings...
I can save you a lot of money!

Take a look at the original post of this thread
Do You Use USB for Streaming?

Despite is meager price - this is the best cable I've ever used/auditioned - it trounces others brands - even many esoteric cables

It's the cables dual cable architecture that prevents induced noise and makes this cable perform so much better than the competition

I highly recommend the Totaldac D1 USB Cable/Filter. It can be had for less than your budget.

Besides myself, many other Audiophiles have found it to best other highly regarded USB cables at more then twice the price.

While I have not tried it some like the Audioquest Diamond. Though it is slightly more then your budget at times you can find a used one at/or below your budget.

Also check out this thread at CA. If you can wait around a month it may be worth the wait.