Good quality RCA TT switch?

This should be easier than it seems ... I want to connect two turntables to one phonostage (why do so many have only one input?!) without switching cables each time. Can anyone suggest an RCA switch (two in/one out) that will do as little sonic damage as possible? (Or is there another solution I haven't thought of?)
I've used the Manley Skipjack, it has extremely low loss and no distortion.

It's not inexpensive but capable of switching between several inputs and has a wired remote. Maybe find one used?
Thanks Albert, but the Skipjack is priced at $1650 new! That's more than I am willing to pay for an A/B switch.
Have you considered 1 table with 2 arms? Also, many phono pre's have inputs for mm & mc. You could run one of each per table?
Personally, I'd avoid anything that might add hum to a table.
Like you, I looked at the Skipjack, saw its price, and said "you gotta be kidding me." At the risk of being pilloried by my fellow A'goners, I'd suggest trying a Dynex DX-CVS4, which will cost less than $50.00 (it can be bought at Best Buy) and has a wireless remote (Logitech remotes can be programmed to work with it, as well). I use one to add extra inputs to my Krell preamp for a tuner and CD Jukebox, and it seems to work fine. If you try it and feel it causes "sonic damage" you can return it to Best Buy. If not, you've saved $1600.00 and have a wireless remote, to boot!

Incidentally, there doesn't seem to be much between the two options. I looked for other solutions, and there doesn't seem to be much out there.
Well, after a couple hours trying to make Google my friend, I'm inclined to agree. There doesn't seem to be much in between the two options you mention Rdavwhitaker.

Amazing that there isn't a simple high quality stereo RCA A/B switch on the market ...?
Niles makes what you are looking for.
Thanks Onhwy61 - presume you are referring to the PS-1? I will check it out!
Thanks Albert, but the Skipjack is priced at $1650 new! That's more than I am willing to pay for an A/B switch.
Salmonsc (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

Wow, it was $900.00 retail when I bought mine and I did not pay retail.

Cost to manufacture must have gone way up, seems all high end audio has done this (a lot) in the last few years.
That's some inflation! Also, to be fair, the Skipjack is a lot more than just an A/B switch.