good quality multi-disc CDP?

I have an Emotiva ERC-1 CDP whic I like a lot. It's been my first entry into quality audio, and step up from "box store" electronics.
The audio quality is definitely excellent, IMO, certainly I'm happy with it.
The only thing is I really miss having a multi-disc player. I find it inconvenient to have to replace the CD after each play.

Can anyone suggest a good quality multi-disk CDP, or even transport? Something like 5-6 discs would be fine. I'm looking for high quality but, don't necessarily need reference quality.

Any suggestions out there? Budget is $500, or thereabouts.

SonyStyle SCD-CE595 refurbished for $60 (a suggestion from Buconero). I use it with a separate DAC but it is a good player. A little different flavor from the Emotiva which is more refined and deeper. The 595 has the advantage of SACD if you have any. Hell of a deal for the money. Sometimes they are out of stock but post them up every month or so again.
Rather than a CD changer, maybe look into music servers/streamers, etc? Or the Wadia iPod dock> Take the digital output of any of these and send it to a good DAC.
I'm not that interested in a digital music server. I have a lot of CDs and don't see myself taking the time to rip all the music off all the discs. For now, I'd rather stay with physical media.
Nakamichi Music Bank, there is a MB1 for sale now on here, saw 1 come up a couple weeks ago too. It can be used as a single or multi. Ebay usualy has a few at any givin time.
A quality dac with the Sony mentioned above should do it. There is a Bel Canto DAC2 being auctioned now. Not sure of the seller but that is a very sweet dac and will probably go at a reasonable price.
I use a couple of pioneer 300 disc changers run into a levinson dac ( # 360S .) The sound is close to my single disc player , but I don't have to handle discs and they will play all day without help . If you are having friends over for an evenings entertainment you can pre program the hole evenings music , or use random and here music you forgot about . Also if you want to use your single disc player its quick access to find and switch CDs , never have to handle a CD case . I find it much better than music on my hard storage ,and no moniter required
OK .. I'm a bit discouraged and am thinking that maybe it's the right time to invest in a digital music server. The thing is, I want a basic, easy to use system that is not "overkill" with features. High quality 2-ch audio is what I want. I don't want to build my own from a pcs or Mac-mini.
Advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Rob

How about the Adcom GCD-700 CDP? I've read about many users who have praised the sound of this player. It is an older model but a good one. It can be found time to time here on A'gon for way below your budget.
The best changer I have ever heard is the CAL CL-10 which is very good as is w 20 bit DAC, but also has digital out if you want to use a newer, hi-rez DAC. They are a bit long in the tooth, but there are replacement parts available at Approved Audio in Bantam, CT. If the Pioneer or Sony 300 disk changers have digital out, then combined w a good DAC, they might be an option, IF parts are available. With a changer of any type, there are a lot more moving parts to wear out, as well as the laser and electronics.
Second the Adcom GCD-700 player.