Good quality cd's

Being retired and started to listen to more music, I have a nice but modest system. One thing I have noticed is that when buting cd's there is a lot of stuff out there and none of the sites really devote much space to the quality of the cd. I know there is xrcd,sacd,hdcd, and redbood which may all go by the wayside. One thing I have found out is with a good system a good cd will sound great and a bad cd will sound terrible.
Are there any sites out there (Amazon do a real good job)have give a little space to how good the cd may be; mixing, using good equipment just producing a good quality cd.
Would appreciate any advice.
I find that certain labels are consistently good, and I pretty much limit my purchases to those labels. FWIW, they are also consistently expensive :-(
What genre of music are you most fond of? Perhaps I(or others) can make some suggestions. There are labels that consistantly put out quality CDs in just about all of them(Rap and Punk may be exceptions-No loss). I buy a lot of discs from these guys: ( and, of course, there are others that stock/sell high quality CDs and vinyl as well. Here is a site you may find interesting: ( It lists a number of well recording CDs and the amount of compression used in their processing.
Well, what I like is all over the place. Being 61 years old and I basically quit listening to new music when the Beatles broke up. So. early/mid/later 60's to Neil Diamond, Simon and Garfunkle, I have been hooked on some of the Southern Soul Otis Redding (what I call Slow Screwing music)some classical.
If I can provide any other information to lead in the the proper direction.
Playback reviews music and evaluates the sonics:
Most of the audiophile magazines devote at least some space to reviews - and The Absolute sound also has some 'top 100 sounding' lists...other than that, playback is good, and elusivedisc, acoustic sounds are also good.
there are numerous other sites as well...
Our music tastes are different but I have found the best source for not only the performance but also the quality of the sound to be books dedicated to just that. For classical works the Grammophone Classical Music Guide, a yearly publication, has not steered me wrong. Penguin is the oldest and probably most popular guide and there are a host of others. I would imagine that someone puts out a reputable annual reference for the genre that you listen to. I agree that in general if you read the reviews on Amazon you end up with a pretty good idea of not only what is well done musically but what was well recorded. Good luck.