Good Product or Nonsense?
A friend loaned me his CD cleaner. I have a photo to upload but there seems no accommodation for this.
'OPTRIX" is the name. Label says it is a clarifier, cleanser for CDs and also stops "Skipping". Cures cancer?
Comments from those who have used this please?
I’ve been using Shinola for years.
I don’t know about being an "enhancer",
I use it to clean CDs which it does nicely.
No grand claims but I like it.
Two products not to use:
Optrix- it does  cause many CD's not to be readable months later.

Essence of Music does  scratch up the CD's.
David Pritchard
If Optrix does that those CDs are junk and not made properly. I treated various discs and they play as they did twenty years ago. Same cd player, by the way.
Has anybody tried LAST for CDs?

Auric Illuminator seems to offer more benefits for SQ improvement than other formulas; more focused and less reflections from the laser.

Is this why both sides of the disc need to be coated?