Good product for cleaning nickle plated chrome

I have tried several products to clean smudges and discoloration of my Cary Amp but have yet to find anything that works well. Anyone know of a decent product? Thanks
Simichrome,found at motorcycle shops among other places.Comes in a tube just like toothpaste.Its not real abrasive,only slightly.Rub it on,wipe it off,clean and easy,good luck Bob
Kuhn Rikon Swiss Cleaner. May be similar to Simichrome based on Usblues comment. Gel like consistency looks like Auquafresh toothpaste. Rinses clean with water- just use a slightly damp sponge, distribute evenly, and polish/dry right away with soft clean cloth. Practice with it first, when used correctly there is virtually no liquid residue which may effect components. Works brilliantly on most metals-stainless, copper, brass. Very shiny with no smelly residue that is common with polishes. Would not recommend for use on aluminum. My hunch is that it should work very well.
I've never heard of nickle plated chrome? Do you mean chrome plate? Not to be in any way rude, but maybe Cary will have the very best advice?

Probably the best advice I can give if this is indeed just chrome plated metal of some sort, is to use something like a liquid spray guitar polish, something that contains absolutely no abrasives in it. All these usually are is a mild wax, leave very little if any dust, and since they won't scratch paint finishes, doubtful it will hurt the chrome finish, but will help removing dirt, grunge, fingerprints. Mark
nitric acid if you can get it.use sparingly with rubber gloves.wipe with water not let acid sit on item for any length of time.avoid fumes.not for the timid.
I believe that he is refering to the chrome plating process of applying chrome onto a nickle plating which is first applied to the surface of the object .
At least that is the way it was done in the automotive world for bumpers , wheels etc. A really good job would consist of multiple layers of the nickle .
Simichrome uses jeweler's rouge as the "abrasive" (which is why it's pink) It's also the only polish I know that won't turn aluminum black (which is why it's the favorite of bicyclists and motorcyclists.) Khun Rikon is a new one to me ;-)
Typically[sp] the chrome process starts with a few thousandths[.003-.007]of copper,then a couple thou[.002-.003] of nickel,then .001-.002 thou of chrome.It varies from shop to shop.Browns Plating out of Kentucky is probably the best known to us you are probably right Mark.I did not know of the jeweler rouge angle in the Simichrome N.,thanks....and yes,it works good on soft metals like aluminum also....I dont know anything about acids luck,Bob