Good preamp suggestion for around $1000

This will be my first preamp and I will be using it with a modded Arcam Alpha 9 CDP. I also use a Odyssey Stratos amp. The preamp needs to have a HT bypass as well.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Used SF Line1 with HT bypass and remote control.
I'm fan of McCormack preamps.
They're realy great for the price and could be well bellow $1000 if bought used.
a tempest(odyssey) from klaus would match perfect-
he offers ht bypass now-
call him
BAT VK3i is right at that price point and has HT pass-thru IF you get one w/remote.
McCormack RLD-1
Audio Research LS7 Tube Amp. Used for $700
could you be more or solid state...remote/non remote.

i would agree the comments on the bat 3vki except....the unit used 6-6922 tubes( if my memory serves me correct) and there is a shortage of premium 6922/7308's.

imo, i would try to avoid any preamp that requires more than 2 of them. the retube would be a major expense

hope that helps,

A used McCormack RLD-1.
Then at a later date have Steve McCormack upgrade it to Platinum! Best preamp "I've" ever heard.
McCormack RLD-1 ...ME TOO!!!

You have to love that remote control and the volume increaments of 0.5dB ...never to low, never to high , just the correct volume level you desire.

I've seen conrad johnson PFR's advertised for $600 on ebay. Nothing even comes close to this in terms of sound for the money IMO.
Your Bat VK pre's are good. For cheep, with the right tubes, Audio Research's are workable as well (usually a slight bit bass bump I've found). Passives are transparant enough, yet lack dynamics a bit(not a problem from a "pass through" standpoint for an HT pre/pro). In that case, used Pass Aleph L, McCormack TLC, similar.
IF you can find a used Cary 50(retailed for $1200) w/o remote, that is stellar sounding as well!
I think you might not go wrong with the BAT as suggested above however.
Depends whether you need multiple inputs or not. If you just need volume control....I recommend the Placette volume control which uses all Vishay resistors. Very transparent. Sounds great.

Also consider taking a look at the Morrison ELAD. Also very transparent.
Alot of excellent choices. I am leaning toward solid state simply because I am a newbie in the pre amp arena and the maintenance of tubes (and the interchangeability as well as customizeability) seems a bit daunting.

I will only be using it for CD and HT bypass. So no need for phono etc. I do not use balanced connectors either. Nice and simple rca's.

With this information in mind, what are my choices?

Thanks again for the aid of the 'Gon crew.
Oh yeah, it must have a remote for volume control.
spend ten minutes and call klause -its about the synergy as klaus would say

If you need remote volume....forget the Morrison. Placette would still be in the running.

Another vote for the McCormack RLD-1. I run one with Odyssey Stratos monos and feel they are a very good match. Both are polite in nature.