Good preamp match for MC275

I have a case of upgradeitis and want to upgrade my preamp, so I wondered what everyone thinks might be a good match would be. I'm sure alot of you would suggest McIntosh which I would agree but the C2300 is $6000.
My current setup:
VTL 2.5 preamp
McIntosh MC275 amp
Moon .5 CDP
Moon LP3 phono stage
Clearaudio Turntable with Dynavector X20
Nordost cables throughout (blue heaven)
Their 4K here,personally I'd get a First Sound,might still be here,cheers,Bob
Agree with Usblues. Keep your eyes peeled for a nice condition C2300 here. You won't be disappointed. If you're not totally married to tubes, you could also consider a C48 - it's a C50 without the tone controls and sounds just as good if don't need to massage things. You might also want to contact Audio Classics in Vestal NY. They often get refurbished units or might know of a trade coming in. Good luck & happy listening!
Whatever you decide to do, make sure you put it next to your VTL first. Its a very good and very underrated preamp.
What are your speakers?

I have a 275 and went through this same question a while back. First Sound, Herron, AtmaSphere, Lamm were in my short list. I went with Lamm LL2 and I'm thrilled with the combination. BTW, I like it a lot better than with a Mc C220 I tried at the time. Very, very nice combo! Yet Lamm is very low on ergonomics and some value that a lot. Mc is very high on ergonomics.

As said above, your VTL preamp is very good. Have you considered buying another 275 and running them as monoblocks? Or vertical biamping. I have gotten very good comments about such arrangement. But will depend on your speakers.