Good Preamp match for Benchmark DAC1 USB

Looking to go either 'Benchmark DAC1 HDR' or 'Benchmark DAC1 USB' + Preamp.

Any recommendation for a good preamp match for Benchmark DAC1 USB around 1K?

I would run it straight in a it has plenty of "drive".
yes, the Benchmark DAC1 USB, as suggested above.
Both of you, pardon me I didn't quiet understand...
I thought the Benchmark already functioned as a preamp.

'Benchmark DAC1 HDR' functions as a preamp with remote.
'Benchmark DAC1 USB' doesn't.

Hence the choice - 'Benchmark DAC1 HDR' or 'Benchmark DAC1 USB' + Preamp.

'Benchmark DAC1 HDR' = around $1800
'Benchmark DAC1 USB' = around $900 used

So if I get a around 1K preamp that matches it well, both choices are about same price range.
Do you need extra analog input? The HDR only has one. They both function sort of as a pre amp due to the volume control and multiple digital ins. Semantics I guess. The Benchmark is an acceptable pre, but not SOTA. Then again, it only costs a few hundred $. I traded up to an HDR, I use the analog ins from my HT pro. It sounds better than using the HT pass thru on the pro.
4est, I saw your set up. So you have pro/pro analog out to HDR's analog in for fronts. Interesting.

I don't have many analog sources.