Good preamp for Vandersteen and McCormack

I currently have a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe feeding my Vandersteen 2CE sig. Currently I am using a Rotel RC995 preamp, left over from my old system. What are some preamps that may match well with my system? My roomate uses a DIY Bottlehead Foreplay for his Mac/JBL setup, and I am beginning to understand and appreciate "tube sounds".

I don't want to part with my McCormack, and my budget is less than $1000. I like listening to acoustic music, and I love my rock and electronic stuff too.

Should I stay with SS or would a tube preamp fit the bill? I know such questions are hard to answer, since they are based on preferences and other issues that are hard to quantify. What are some good suggestions? Personal experiences would be helpful.

Thanks a lot...
McCormack Line stage amp , perfect
I used a Conrad Johnson pre-amp with those speakers and amp, and loved it.
I will chime in with an Audible Illusions L-1 or M3a. I used this very combination some years ago. A tube pre gives a little warmth to the presentation and takes a little of the high end edge off the McCormack. The McCormack pre's are also a good choice. I used a TLC for a while but the AI won out overall(as well it should being a more expensive product.)
The Nakamichi CA-5 is an excellent pre-amp. Superb MM/MC phono. For the $ used a steal. How well it matches w/your spks. and amp I do not know. But I'd get one for its phono stage alone.
First Sound Paramount Deluxe MKII!
oops. The FS Paramount is way much more. First Sound Presence MKI, Deluxe MKI for around 1k+
I very much doubt you can get an FS for $1k, if you can, grab it. At that price range, I would recommend BAT VK3i, which is much easier on tubes than the AI M3.
I have experienced outstanding results when driving the McCormack DNA1 Dlx. with a Golden Tube SEP-2. It even comes with a remote, but is no longer manufactured although tech support for GTA products is still fairly readily available. Beautiful deep & wide stage with sparkling highs; even with economical cabling & a stock AC cord I was amazed. This is the only tube pre I've tried that isn't microphonic and doesn't exhibit that annoying tube-rush; I use horn speakers which reveal *everything* they're SO very sensitive. I've had my SEP-2 in storage for awhile, but sorry it's unavailable. I intend to reinstall that system & experiment with deluxe-level cabling (now that I have some) and try out some NOS tube rolling. The SEP-2 can be hard to find, but is well worth looking for & is even below your pricerange; I've seen them here for ~$650 without the phono board (if you don't play vinyl then you may not even want the phono option, which is somewhat harder to find).
I also run the McCormack TLC-1 Deluxe with my DNA-1 Deluxe; the SEP-2 was far preferrable with a much warmer full-bodied signature although I must say the TLC was indeed highly transparent, if a bit thin.
I have the DNA-1 through the 2CE signatures with a Tube Audio Design-150. Highly recommend. You can get the TAD-150 from Bizzy Bee audio for less than 1K. Has phono also...

I run 2ce's (non-sig) w/ a dna .5 dlx. I've tried two pre's in my system--a conrad johnson pv10al and an audible illusions 2d--both can be had for under 500. The cj was lusher and more romantic, the ai is more dynamic and seems to have a greater frequency range. The ai also has a very nice phono stage (though you can find this feature on some pv10's as well). I stuck with the ai. In your price range, you could move up the line to a ai m3 or cj pv11 or pv12. Both companies' products hold their value very well (I used my pv10 for two years and sold it for exactly what I paid for it).
I have the 2Ce and ran them with a BAT VK-200 amplifier, an Aleph 3, a counterpoint SA-100 and an old Adcom. Preamp is a sonic frontiers line 2 (tube). Best results were using the Line 2 with the BAT VK-200, which seems similar to your situation. You can get a used line 1 for less than $1000, which still has many of the virtues of the Line 2. I'd recommend it based on my experience with the Line 2.