Good preamp for under $300

My Apt Holman preamp is on the fritz, and since no one in this burg knows how to fix anything properly, I'm looking to replace it. Can anyone recommend a better preamp for under $300, or should I just grab another Holman?

Colorado Springs

The rest of my system, if you're interested:

Adcom GFA-555II amp
Klipsch Heresy II speakers
AR turntable with Rega RB-300 Incognito-modified tonearm
Audio Technica AT440ML cartridge
Rotel RCD-855 CD
Kimber PBJ interconnects & 4TC speaker cables
I have three Apt-Holman preamps, because its so hard to let go of this classic. The special stereo image adjustments, and overall flexibility, together with built-in fine phono stage, make it a winner. Many Audiogon members have extra units from various manufacturers sitting unused, as backups. After you get all the various responses to your posting, you are welcome to get in touch through the Audiogon member email contact system if you want to try another Apt-Holman for $200 from me, since you already know the unit so well. I currently have gone the tube route where finding a preamp with phono stage at a bargain price is not as simple.
Check out the B and K Pro 10 MC. This is a great piece for your price range, has an outboard power supply and a phono section. Great american build quality.. no tone controls and a bypass mode.
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check out the McCormack Micro-Line Drive. It has passive and active outputs and an outboard transformer. It is a very good bargain at $250. It is a gem. Salsero
Adcom GFP-565 is a nice piece in your price range
Audioman, what's a bypass mode?
Bypass mode is using the preamp purely as a pass thru for your source to your amp... just using the volume pot. not the gain section of your preamp. You dont get the same volume levels as when the preamp is active. It is supposed to be a more sonically pure way to listen.. I personally like the sonics of the pro 10 without using the bypass mode imo. The external power supply is rock solid and it is a good thought on B and Ks part to isolate it from the rest of the electronics.
It is just one of those nice pieces...
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I just got a used PS Audio 4.5 preamp for $220 on ebay. There is a 5.0 on ebay right now for about $150 and the auction ends today I think. So far Im very impressed with this pre going with my B&K ST-140. Very warm sound with an almost live performance quality. It has no tone controls, outboard power supply, straightwire mode (makes unit a passive pre) and dual outputs. Very good for the price.
I can second the recommendation on the B & K Pro 10MC. I used one for about 5 years before upgrading.
Whats the difference between the Pro 10MC and the CS 115?
odyssey has a new pre w/ht bypass for 300$

How does the bypass mode work for phono stage gain? Do you have to turn the volume way up?
You do have to turn the pot up quite a bit in bypass mode for phono.
I second the Adcom 565, I paid $300 used and it sounds great with all sources. I can't see a better value out there for that little $.