good preamp for First Watt F7

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for a good preamp for my First Watt F7 amp.
I'm using now my PS audio DS DAC as an preamp.
F7 has input impedance 10K Ohms, gain of 14 dB.
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Rogue Audio RP-5. Output impedance: 500 Ohms.

What's your budget?
And SE preamp I assume?

Linear Tube Audio MZ2. Sounds great with it, output impedance 50 ohms.
the budget is around $1000 (to compete with Freya +), might be tube or SS
bakalovb OP

You need a little gain also with the F7 being only 14db.
Just go with the Schiit Freya-S or Freya-+ both have 75ohm output impedance on rca on their active stages and a gain of 4, and should drive the F7 no problem. Stay away from the Schiit Saga's as they are only unity gain.  

Cheers George