Good preamp for Bel Canto EVo 200.2?

I got this amp last week through Audiogon contact. Now I need a decent preamp. A lot of what I have read says that preamp is maybe more important than the amp. Soundstage had good luck with a tube (Gill) pre. Cary is made across town. Would their new balanced pre be a good way to start? How about BC PRe1? Any other suggestions?
If your not completely set on tubes, you should check out the Musical Fidelity A3cr pre-amp. It's about $1500 new and sounds just wonderful. If you read Sam Tellig's Stereophile review, he goes on about the almost tube like harmonic presentation even though the amp is solid state with the greater linearity and convenience that entails. I have one and just love it.
I have been home demoing the BelCanto amp over the last month on weekends with different preamps and have listened to Cary (great) but the single ended version, VTL 5.5 also good and new version has ballanced inputs I believe. Hovland-ok but not my cup of tea., AudioNote M2 with silver wiring and black gate caps YES YES fabulous!!! Creek passive volume which is what my buddy went with believe it or not for 300 bucks- yes it's that good but I would have gone with the Cary or Audio Note. We also listened to the Joule Electra ok and Mark Levenson (yuck) the creek was better! and I know Belles has a nice pre you should look into or a very safe bet is the Audible Illusion of course- good luck
Steer away from any solid state pre-amp with the EVo 200.2, for the amp needs some good tubes in line to bring the harmonics into the system. It has a tendency to sound very
"sterile" on some systems with solid state components up line.
I would second the Audible Illusions suggestion. I've been using one for 4 years with Bel Canto amps, and am still very pleased. They are available both new and used right here on Audiogon. Mine has been very reliable--but you will need to replace tubes about every 1.5 years.
a relatively warm yet still "airy" set of tubes would probably be best with the Bel Canto. Since units vary according to what tubes you use, i'll leave the exact make / model up to you. After all, hunting / finding is half the fun.... : ) Sean
I just got this tube preamp about a month ago and use it with the Evo 200.2. Dead quiet preamp and gives the Evo the tube magic.
Esb, what preamp are you referring to ??? Sean
I saw the new Cary today. I doesn't look like the other Cary preamps because it's an enclosed box, no exposed tubes. It's a real balanced pre with only 4 tubes. It does have a tube headphone stage. For those that HT, it does have HT pass through like VAC. The remote is included , and is simple volume and mute only. I'm sold and haven't heard it . I'm gonna order the first of Nov so I have it for Christmas.
First Sound Presence Deluxe MKII
I had the Evo mated to an Audio Research LS15 and it didn't do it for me, but with the new CJ PFR pre amp I find the sound alive and involving and basically breath taking. This combo may not be for everyone as it is a little bright for some, but the detail and transparency are amazing!
I gave up on the EVo200.2 because of the forward tonal balance and bright top end. My suggestion is to mate the EVo with a tube preamp., and the one everyone is raving about,, and the one I'll own in the next 2 weeks is the Kora Eclipse. Visit the Kora site at or net I believe.