Good preamp combo for Sonic Frontiers Power 2

I am in the market for a nice preamp to go along with my SF Power 2. i was thinking about the hovland hp-100. has anyone heard the combo or have any suggestions for me. i was also flirting with the idea of going passive.
I have a Power 2 that has just been updated by Chris Johnson. I'm using his Line 3 PreAmp. Both were upgraded to the SE+ versions.
I am also playing around with a Bottlehead Foreplay preamp.
Nothing beats the Line 3 / Power 2 combination. I got rid of Quicksilvers and my Krell after this system was put together.
I have the SF power 3's and used a Hovland for over a year. The sound was very good. I decided to go back to an external phono and picked up a Lamm LL2 line stage. I must say that the Lamm sounds better in my system than the Hovland. It goes lower in the bass and is more laid back with much more solid images. The Hovland is more alive with an upfront presentation. The Hovland could sound better in a different system though. Either would be a good choice depending on preferences.