Good pre-amps for M.Levinson/ Extrema ?

I bougt a Mark Levinson nº336 to "push" my pair of Sonus Faber Extrema.I´ve a Audio Research LS 2 (pre-amp) and sounds ok, but i know that could be much better.I tried the 308S from Mark Levinson the result was fantastic but it costs too much for the moment, even in second hand, here in Portugal.
I need a idea of others pre-amps to work with properly.
Thanks for your support.
I have a 336 with a pair of nautilus 802's and I am using a muse 3 signature with the separate power supply. I did a direct, in home comparison between the muse, the 380s and the rowland synergy II with separate power supply.
I felt the muse matched the 380s and the rowland came in last-but that was my ears, in my home, with my setup.
My plan was to buy the 380s but after the comparison I kept the muse and have been very happy.
The muse 3 signature retails for $2200 and the separate power supply is another $650
good luck
I've owned both the Electa Amators and Minima Amators, and find them to all work best with solid state all the way through! The Extrema's should be no exception. I used to use some Audio Research higher end tube pre's with my system, as well as Audible Illusions Mod 3a's and such, and just found the more neutral, less colored Pass Alephs to work infinitely better with those SF speakers! I use a Pass Labs Aleph L line stage with my Electa's, and it is superb!..also cheap used! It's a Nelson Pass built passive/active solid state line stage, that is virtually transparent and ultra detailed. YOu can pick one of these up, or the class A rated balanced Aleph P version w/remote, for not that much, and still maintain the integrity of you're system!
I use the Threshold T200 class A rated amp with my SF Amators/Pass pre set up, and it's superb. I know the sound you're getting from your gear overall, and can whole hartedly recommend the Pass Aleph L or Aleph P's for what ou got!..I know you won't be dissapointed. You'll get the benefits of a pure passive gain, and the benefits of active preamp when you need to crank the volume more!..ingenius really. About as good a preamp's as you could ask for at any prices!
I've seen L's for $850 and P's for $1700 used.
good luck...
If you don't mind used equipment, there are ML 26 preamps for around $1800 that are sonically every bit as good as any of the newer ML, even according to the guys at ML. If you want a real treat that you can keep for a lifetime, the ML 26S is sometimes available for $2500. Most folks who have listened to all the ML feel this sounds as good as anything ever made. No remote control or any of the computer gagets in the newer stuff but certainly the best sound I have ever heard and built like a tank.