Good powercord for transports

I have tried serveral powercords on my Sonic Frontiers transport, eg. Shunyata Black
Mamba / Viper V2, and XLO. I went back to the stock powercord and got
better overall sound, tonal balance and more air. I know for a fact that
powercords do change the sound. I have aftermarket powercords on all
my components, except the transport which I am unable to find a good
match. Any suggestions on a powercord that can produce an airy, rich,
transparent, detail, with good high and low extension. Price is not a
factor but good sound is.
The Electraglide referenceglide great dynamics, Audio magic clarevoyant tremendous delicacy, and the number 1 choice would be the Synergistic Designer reference the most transparent powercord that I have used on a transport and you are seeking exactly what it does.
Try the Tara Prism AC Reference, or the upgraded Decade. The Decade is discontinued, but excellent, and a good buy if you can find one. The Air power cord is very expensive and may be overkill for a transport. Tara cables are nuetral and have very good HF control.
after trying several, i came back to audio magic. jerry's new design with the latest technology is absolutely breathtaking. the best cord is the clairvoyant. each person that i know of that has tried it has said it's the best they've ever heard. the illusion is 2nd best in the audio magic catalog. ask roy johnson, owner and founder of green mountain audio's famous continuum 2.0 speaker. he tells you of his experience, and in 30 years, it's the best sounding cabling he's heard. it will change your system dramatically. call and ask him what it did to his very hi-end system. 1-719-636-2500, roy loves to talk audio with just about everyone; he's one of the last great enthusiasts out there. as a reference you cantell him bob mager sent you. i have a few demo cords available if you're interested. my phone is 303-556-4064 or email at Jerry the owner asked me to clear the demos but before that i used to try everything cord. I was at the shop so much after I found out how good they were that he asked me to start selling them. i think i must of bought 15-20 different cables from them trying them all out; selling the old in order to upgrade.

Bob Mager
I had good results with Custom Power Cord's "Top Gun" on my former Sonic Frontiers T/P-3 combo.
Before you settle on a cord,give the Omega Mikro a listen.They offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.I think you would be pleased with the Planar III.The results in my system are amazing!If I can help you out with these cables,please contact me.Tom {440-526-1724 EST }
if you really want to have the best for now for your transport ,i think is JPS aluminata 3500$.my second choice is fim gold and harmonic magix
Hi FatParrot,
What kind of sound did the Custom Power Cord's "Top Gun" produced on your transport? I maybe interested in buying one of those. Also for Adsal, have you tried the JPS Aluminata powercord? How does it sound. This is also on my list. Or if anyone else have any good suggestions.
For sheer transparency - go with a Synergistic Designers Reference PC on your transport.
Imported by Fanfare International. I've bought (and use) several of them.
Take a look at the Voodoo Mana power cords US$199! For the price, good sound & construction! I'm using it with my Theta transport & Monolithic power supply! Took away alot of grunge and gave me what you're looking for! Also, their lower model, the Mojo is also good at US$149. Sound wise, everything is the same except that it is smaller in gauge and as such, has very slightly less bass & midbass energy compared to the Mana!
Hello Waynek2005! The sound can best be described as having a "black background" with every nuance of the music coming through. Compared to the price of some of the other cords mentioned, the price for the Top Gun is a BARGAIN! It is also an Absolute Sound Golden Ears Award Winner. Happy Tunes!