Good power ratio HT: fronts, rears, center, sub

I am looking to upgrade my HT. I have fallen in love with the McIntosh LS360 speakers with a 602 McIntosh amp.

However, the rest of my setup would be as follows:

An Adcom 7500 amp powering @ 150 watts per channel for the center channel and 4 rears and A boston acoustic sub @ 300 watts.

So would 600 x 2 stereo speakers be a bad idea when adding to only 150 watts per channels on the other 5 speakers?

I have a Rotel RSP-1066 Preamp that is capable of 7.1, but I am guessing it won't be able to properly balance the power differences since it won't know how much power each speaker is getting.

There much be some rule of thumb for 7.1 power ratios to each speaker...Help?!?!
I run Rotel 1068 Pro with 400w X 2 (Bi-amped mains) and 125 watts to center (92db) and 75 watts to all 4 surrounds so I can say this will easily work, it does for me.
BTW I run movies at pretty high volume and have never clipped or heard distortion as surrounds are rolled off at 80hz, the towers run full range and center rolls at 60Hz and an HSU research 12V sub handles the rest.
What you match in a multichannel system is gain (volume) not power capability. The RSP 1066 will do this with no problem. For your rear speakers 150 watt amps should be fine. I would recommend a center channel speaker and amp the same as your fronts, but if this is just for movies go with what you got. (For serious music all the speakers and amps should be the same).
Are you aware that the 1066 , which I have , allows you to manually adjust the sound level to each speaker in the surround mode ? This should take care of any differences in amplification used , as far as sound level .

I agree that the speaker and amp , for the center channel , should be from the same manufacturer as the front left and right if at all possible . Some times you can get lucky though and find others that will match up rather well .

Good luck .
Is the 1066 the same as 1098 in that I can adjust bass/treable for all speaker channels? That can help awell if your center or surrounds may sound bright or even a bit dull compared to mains....I trim my centers treble back a touch and up the bass a touch on surrounds and I am happy.
I use Aragon for mains and Rotel power for all others and I feel no need to upgrade but I am a pretty strict 2 channel guy, as most are.