good power cord under $200

has any one compared any of the following power cords?
vd power 3
ultimate silver c4
vh flavor 4
blue sands violet z1
looking to spend up to $200.
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MAC soundpipe
Not much difference between them.

The most important criteria is where they will be used and the gauge of the cord.

Use a 9 awg cord for power amps and conditioners, and use a lower gauge (12 - 10 awg) for sources and preamps.
I have the vd power 3 and like it a lot.I have not compared it to the others,but I have copared it to zu cable birth and it is much better.
2nd MAC Soundpipe (My Audio Cable). Very affordable. Nicely made. Actually better quality and less $ than a DIY put together using instructions and parts from "Parts Express".
Morrow Audio PCs are terrific value. He advertises here
Take a look a Zu pc's they do auctions on epay and you can get a new one at a good price.

I bought their BOK and it is not quite as good my Shunyata Diamondback but way better than some others that I have tried (none of which are on your list.)

If you are willing to go used I would recommend the Audience or Shunyata you cannot go wrong with either.

All my equipment is SS so I do not know how they might work with tubes.
Here's a link to a shootout I did recently. Hopefully this will help a little bit in your search.

What is the length of the power cord you plan to buy? They usually sell by the meter or half meter.

I think the Harmonic Tech's Pro AC-11 will beat all your listed power cord and you can have a used 2M for around $150 or so. It is the best bang for the buck power cord.

Good luck.
don't have any of the above but have found Audio Art cables to be the best I've had
What are you going to use this power cord on in your system?
looking for a 4 or 5 ft. cord for a jolida jd 502b tube integrated or if bested an audio art power 1ac (wattgate or furutech connectors)in my main system i would move the audio art to the jolida.

is there any creedance to the thread about the vd power 3 where the cat chewed into the cord and the owner took it apart talking about the "cheap" parts?
Mbolddal - I'm using a 5' MAC in my JoLida 502B.
i've had the mac in house before, it didn't float my boat.
Initially, I didn't care for it. Thought it bright/harsh. After some hours now it seems to have settled in and I like it. Have only the stock cord and a DIY to compare it to, however.
Shunyata Diamondback. I used this on my pre amp and it was great there. It also worked on the amp but I put the python helix there. Since you need it for integrated tube, I think this would work. My pre amp was tube. Every system is different though but this is the cord I'd look for in that budget.

my problem with the mac was it was slow and a little muddy in the bass.
you can read my review at