Good Power Cord for TRL Modded Sony SCD-CE595???

I just got my hands on a TRL modified Sony SCD-CE595 multi-disc cd changer.

I know a lot of people have these out there. Can you recommend a good power cord to use with this?

Has anyone tried more than one p/c on this unit? If so, what worked better than what else?

For all the TRL equipment I have I use their own Silver model power cord. It uses solid core coper wire. The cable is somewhat stiff and inflexible, but if you take the time it can be properly "molded" so it works in your system. If you need a more flexible cable you may want to look elsewhere. Contact Paul Weitzel at TRL and he will make one up for you. Price to performance this cable is hard to beat and will have a good amount of synergy with the player.
I suspect if TRL offers their own cord, then it's probably a good match. You might also try the Tel Wire cord, which comes with a 30 day MBG.
You may want to consider the Xindak FP Gold, which I purchased for my Modwright Sony 999ES. Another fellow who uses it for his Modwright Sony 9100ES (1markr) recommended this cord. This cord is also used by several other Modwright Sony owners who switched to it. It's inexpensive and I love what mine has done. Be aware, it is said the polarity is reversed on this cable. But at it's price I took a chance on it anyway, and I don't regret it.
The Tel Wire could be a good choice too. It is what I use on my transport and DAC (non-TRL components) and is quite flexible. Chris is great to deal with too.

I forgot to mention that TRL, like Tel Wire also has a trial period, so in either case there is very little risk in trying them.
I just left a message for Paul Weitzel. Any idea what he charges for his power cords?
Email me privately.
Why can't the cost of a TRL power cord be published in a discussion forum? Is the cost subject to a super secret, wink wink, "tell-'em-Joe-sent-ya" referral?
No super secret and no referral fee. I'm not a dealer or anyone else who has a financial interest. Just a satisfied customer. As a matter of fact you, Soulgoober, and anyone else who wants to know the price can contact TRL directly. Paul is one of the most down to earth guys I know and will be happy to give you a quote.

I respect your opinions on this forum Grant, although I may not always agree with them. If I want to have a private conversation with a member that's my business. It's not like like I'm soliciting the member by emailing them directly. I put out an offer to communicate and if they want to contact me for additional information they can. If not so be it.
Just seemed easy to answer the price question in the thread.

What would be the reason not to make the price public?
You are right, Tvad. TRL should have a more complete web site and maybe even a forum borrowed/stolen from another site?

They really need a "for sale" area, too, for the guys that paid big bucks for a mod, waited a year to get it, just to find it was obsolete by the time it was delivered. (Oops, that is someone else).
I use Signal Cable's MagicPower Digital Reference for my TRL modded CDP with great results. IMO Paul's PC is a bit overpriced.
Jes45, your post was unecessarily political, IMO. Honestly, I wasn't going there.

BTW, I purchased a used APL Denon 3910 three weeks ago, and I sent it to APL to be overhauled with the latest design from the NWO. I receive it tomorrow after only a two week turnaround.