Good power cord for Rotel?

I have a Rotel setup (RB-1080, RC-1070, RCD-1072), all new, and wanted to swap out the power cord for the amp, and perhaps the others as well, for something a little better. Don't want to break the bank. Any recommendations?
Keep an eye out on A'gon for used Virtual Dynamics Power2 or Power3 cords. These cords are superb for the money. Example:

Did you already do the source? That's the place to start.
Try PS Audio extreme Statement cords. They work equally as well on CD and amps. Generally they reduce noise and add a bit of weight to the sound.
Use the power cord it came with. Put the $ into I/C's or speaker cable.
Didn't swap out the CD or preamp cords yet -- I was told the big difference would be in the amp, not the source. I tried out a Richard Gray 400 Pro that had NO effect, so I'm a little leery about tweaks.
I don't mean to look down on your system (it's very nice for the money it cost);.... however;.... in my experience Rotel while really great stuff for the money it costs, is not really refined enough to notice any big changes from tweeks of any kind. Maybe a little....

So for that reason, I am not surprised at all that you did not notice any improvement from adding a Gray 400. The same will go for power cords. Get some hospital grade 14 awg cords to replace the 18 awg cord that came with the units. You will be fine. You will likely find them at your local electrical supply store for $10 to $20.

If you have a decent television, plug that TV into the Gray and the picture will shine...

Sugarbrie -- No offense taken! I tried it on a VAC preamp and Audio Research VT-100, with no noticeable effect. Also tried it on my video (Loewe Calida -- not exactly a Magnavox) and the picture did not change. Don't think I'm deaf AND blind, but . . .
I 2nd the Virtual Dynamics line. I also found the Shunyata Sidewinder Gold to work well. I have since sold my Rotel gear, but I would bet that the new DCCA Powerwave Extreme, $189.00 retail, would work wonders for your amp as well as the other Rotel gear. I have tried a gillion power cords and this DCCA company is putting out some great bargain cords, IMHO.
want a great cable without breaking the bank??? i use them on all my main sytem gear and with the rotel on my a/v system. lat international power cables. model ac-2 mk2 call lat international and ask for lou. let him know i said for you to call him. if you buy all three if that is what you need ask him to help you out. i also recommend his vibra-killers, 3 for $39.00 for under you gear. neutal in sound and will bring out the best in your gear. i had the stillpoint system $$$$$ the vibra-killers better and add nor subtract to the sound of your system. their power cables take about 100-150 to break in. thats normal for good cables.

the general rule is to upgrade the source first. You should definately look at the new Tek Line Eclipse for your cdp. This was a big jump from the stock cord on my Wadia. The Eclipse is about $140, and Scott is a pleasure to deal with.
Anyone had any experience with the JPS Labs Digital AC power cord for CDs and digital sources? Any idea how it would compare to Signal Cable's Digital Reference?
I'm an owner of Rotel equipment, and have been in tweak heaven with power cords and interconnects. They CLEARLY DO make a difference...and the difference is not a minor one!

I'm not sure what your budget is, but I would recommend the following power cables for your Rotel equipment:
Silver Audio Powerburst 2
Harmonic Technology Pro AC11
Audience Powerchord (a bit pricier, but a beautiful sounding PC regardless)

The one power cord that did not mate well with the Rotel equipment in my opinion was the Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler....I found this power cord to be a bit glaring and emphasized the fact that Rotel equipment can be a bit on the brigher side.

Hope this helps!
Would someone please explain how 6 feet special of power cable is going to make your system sound better (assuming, of course , the standard cable is not broken)?

I'm just not seeing the logic here. There are countless miles of plain aluminum and hunderds of feet of copper wiring between the power station and the wall outlet. Now the last 6 feet somehow changes all that?
I presently use the Audience PowerChord with excellent results on my Integrated Amp and CD Player, but I do want to give mention to the Signal Cable Power Cords. I gave their Digital Power Cord a try and liked it very much especially for the price-point.

A good friend just upgraded his system to using the combo of the Signal Cable Digital Power Cable, The Signal Cable Power Cord for his Integrated, and last but not least, the Signal Cable Power Block. The results were a very nice improvement.

For the money, I really think they are hard to beat. Anyone looking for a quality PC at a truly affordable prie should consider these. A very nice product, all things considered.

To answer your question, I'm not sure how a six foot cable improves the sound, but it DOES! If you want to try a cable upgrade in your system, be warned.....Be prepared to change all the cables in your system! That's what happened to me. I love the resulting improvement in sound...but my pocketbook is feeling the pain!

If it pleases you to think so, it's fine by me.

I just don't like it when some person trying to put together a good, but not necessarily even high-end, system is told to buy a bunch of expensive cables and his system will be transformed "to the next level". And then, when he questions whether or not there was any improvement, he/she is then told either their hearing is not good enough, or they don't know what to listen for, or the speakers are not good enough, or the source is not good enough, etc, etc, etc.

I'll leave it alone now.....