Good power cord for LINN IKEMI ?

I had heard people said using a good power cord will not improve the sound on the Ikemi. Is that ture or not. If is not true, what is a good power cord for it?
It wouldn't surprise me if the switch mode power supplies used by Linn are less affected by power cords than their torroidal counterparts. But I do know at least two people who say they hear an improvement with Nordost power cords (the $600 variety) over the stock cable in the Ikemi. I haven’t had the chance to do the comparison myself.
kimberpalladian pk 10. i had combo.......aaamazing
Try a XLO Ultra 10 power cord. You will know a cord is incompatible if things sound slow.

Good Luck!*>)
Newmanoc, what power cord are u using on your Ikemi, and do u leave the power on 24/7?
I am just using the stock issue cord with my Ikemi. That is not to say I can't do better, but right now I want to spend money on upgrading my cartridge to an Akiva. I will say you should not spend any money on a better power cord unless you have already have put in dedicated lines (best if one for amps, one for sources). The dedicated lines will cost less than $600, and will do FAR, FAR more for the sound of your system (in most cases) than a power cord upgrade.

I leave all my solid state stuff on 24/7.