Good Power Cord for a BPT Line Conditioner .......

I need some suggestions for a power cord on a BPT BP-1 power conditioner. The one that is supplied is Okay......but would like some ideas on a better one.
Before looking into a replacement powercord for your BPT take a look at the new Oyaide duplex outlets.

I found that the Oyaide SWO-GX (Gold) had provided a significant improvement to my BPT 3.5 Sig Plus. The improvements from the Oyaide were equivalent to a powercord change.
I went from the supplied cord to an Elrod EPS 3 Signature to an Elrod Statement
VH Audio AirSine if its in your budget. Beat out some other fine cords on my BPT 3.5 sig.
i have good result using a silver audio wattmaster with my running springs haley.
Electraglide - lowered noise floor, increased dynamics, increased speed & transparency, overall much, much better.
I'll second the VH Audio AirSine.

If that is too much, the VH Audio Flavor 4 with upgraded connectors is pretty darn good too (just not very flexible).

I tried multiple power cords on the BPT designs before and a couple come to mind which offered good results. ESP, Audience, and the WireWorld Silver Electra all offered excellent results. The Audience PowerChord offered the best results out of the three. Swapping out the stock outlets and replacing them with the Hubbell HBL8300R also offers outstanding results, especially if you decide to use the Audience cable.