Good power conditioner for non dedicated line

Im puting together a nice little system to use in my workshop and there is no dedicated line possible here in fact it would be sharing with things like a table saw. I am wondering if there is a power conditioner that is more suited to this type of application. I've had quite a few conditioners over the years and they mostly all seemed to improve the sound to some degree. I don't want to spend over 1000 on this.
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A Sound Applications XE-12 should do. They go for around 700 plus or minus a hundred or two. Six outlets for analog and another six for digital. Tremendous surge protection. Check out their site, and the archives for more. I have one and would not be without it.
Get an Audience AR1p and a Wiremold strip. There's an AR1p up for about $300 now and it's an excellent piece of gear. The Wiremold is up to about $90+, but it's a great product and this combo will give you 9 outlets of good-sounding filtered power. It does not give up much to the bigger Audience units.
I would have thought that just turning off the table saw would improve sonics ;)

The improvement due to any device I could recommend -- like a large isolation transformer, for example -- would disappear in shop noise. A tranny would protect the gear from electrical grunge and spikes, though.
Yes I have a sound application xe12 for my bedroom system works great and was the first power conditioning product that really wowed me. I'd snatch one of those up right away if it became available