Good phono Cable for my Project rpm10/grado sonata

Hi to all Audiogon members

I'm very new in analog world so I don't have experience in phono cable yet. Now I’m in a process of set up my analog gear that includes Project rpm 10 with the grado reference sonata. For the phono stage I’ll use the Plinius M 16 built in phonon stage (the amp is the pilings SA 250 mrk 4 speakers are carver ribbon but in the near future I’ll replace the speakers probably to isphone Europe). I prefer more warm & sweet sound and less analytical. I’m mainly listening to jazz & classic but sometimes also to world music and rock.

My previews analog gear was the Thorens 166 mrk 3 and Grado prestige gold with "built in" Phono cable that came with the Thorens (I must admit that on most well vinyl records this cheap set up beat my Metronome transport TIA with the PS audio ultralink two DAC). My budget is around 300-500$ but willing to stretch a little for better cables (Also consider to buy a good used cable).

Anyone out there willing to give me some advice/recommendation on some good phonon cable

Thanks in advance


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Yossie, I've been pleased so far with the stock cable that came with my RM10. You should let your cartridge fully break in before really tweaking.

If you go through with a switch, please write a review for the rest of us Pro-ject owners. Isn't it a great TT? Mine is blowing away all my digital sources, except for my Korg DSD 1-bit recorder.