good phono amp under 1000?

Hi all,
I am looking into getting into vinly. i am new to this (21 yrs old) and have spent all the money i have made in the last 4 years on hifi. My current system is:
Belles 21A
Chord Signature Interconnect and speaker cable
jps kaptovator power cords
moon eclipse cd player
And i am buying a Vpi scout JMW9 table and arm
with a shelter 501 cart. This is where i need to decide on a decent phono pre. i have been told to go with the tom evans micro groove or the ASR mini basis. You guys got any suggestions on these or other pre's? I have bought all of this equiptment used so i wouldnt be afraid of buying this piece used as well. thanks in advance
EAR 834P and get it modded.

Audio Research PH3 and keep it as is.
Dynavector P-75 $595.
I second the ARC PH-3. It is a good solid tube preamp.

It has 54 db of gain, which should be good enough for most mid to high output cartridges. (Anything at or above 0.5 mv output should work well).
The best is the Wright WPP100c. Tubed, very nice sound, well made, not expensive. $825 new, used for maybe $600. IMHO, kicks the ass of the EAR 834P. (heard both in the same environment).

Harmon Kardon Citation I preamp. Best phono section I've ever heard. Blew away Audio Research and Counterpoint. Dynamic, detailed and yet smooth. Seldom find them on ebay for $400. This preamp has only MM. It works awsome with Music Reference RM-4 step up for my VDH MC head.
hey thanks so much for all the help. anybody know where i could find a used wright wpp100c? also who mods the EAR units? i guess none of you have heard the tom evans or the ASR units?
I guess if i buy the wright ill need the step up for my mc cart. thanks
second the dynavector p-75...true giant killer especially low output mc's. because relatively few own one in the states(it's big across the pond) you don't hear very much about it. check out this month's hi-fi+ for a great review...
Graham Slee Era Gold MKV
it's pretty awesome for the $$...

Manufacturer website: (see reviewer comments)

Links to reviews:
(Stereophile Class A)