Good or Bad: Rotel Receiver and B&W?

I am about to make a purchase to upgrade my current system to a surround one. These are what I have:

B&W Matrix 801
McIntosh MC206 Power Amp(older version)
McIntosh Preamp (won't be using this in the new system)

I have chosen the following for upgrade:

Rotel RSX-1056 75 x 5, 7.1 surround receiver
B&W Nautilus 805 (for back)
B&W Nautilus HTM-1 (center)
B&W ASW 800 for subwoofer

Will be using McIntosh PowerAmp to power the front two speakers.I would greatly appreciate your opinion! Good or bad match? Flaws? Mismatches? Me a fool?

Please email to
Have you listened to the new system? I would prefer your existing system. Be carefull I have made many mistakes buying gear unauditioned, almost always a mistake. If you prefer souround sound listen to as many systems as you can and duplicate it as close as you can. little variables( including your room, unfortunately) make a big difference.
Thanks for your input 1967. I did listened to this system and several others, and do like the sound. My question would be then, would I benefit from having more watts per channel for this system? ( 1067 has 120w/ch vs 100w/ch for 1056) Would my system benefit (for sound quality, and I listen mostly classical music) from having more watts?
More watts is always better than less watts. But the difference between 100 and 120 is trivial. If the McIntosh is sufficient to drive your fronts, the 1056 will be fine for the rest.
Thanks Pabelson. I think I am taking your advice and stick with 1056 for now.