Good options for EDM/Dubstep “Music” and HT in Smaller room?

I’ve been tossing and turning on deciding which speakers to move to. My room is 13’w x 11’d x 9’h. My LP is 7’ back from my speakers and speakers are 11’ apart on center. I have a Rythmik G25HP subwoofer in the room as well and a considerable amount of broadband absorption.  I listen to EDM and Dubstep mostly and watch movies the rest of the time. Currently have SVS Ultra Towers and Ultra Center. What would be some good speakers to replace the LCR with considering the near field and EDM dynamics in my small room?

I’ve been looking at Tekton Double Impacts, Zu Audio Omen Def MK II’s.. haven’t heard either in person however. Price range is somewhat flexible probably under $6k though.