Good optical cable

I have an Audioquest optilink 5 that sounds great but they are pricey. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on a reasonable optical cable? I need 3 of them
Silflex from Lifatech
Agree with Meiwan, I bought a Silflex, it arrived sheathed in a stainless steel flexible coating to prevent crush and/or bend damage. Haven't seen that in any other optical cable.
I presume you want glass fiber (not plastic)?

I have found a reasonably priced source for glass fiber. Its made by SonicWave and you can find it on Amazon. I think DHLabs also makes some reasonably priced glass fiber Toslink cable as well.
Here is exactly what you are looking for: www.uniqueproductsonline

This cable has bested cables up to $300+
This is the link I meant to post:

Sorry for the error.
I use the glass fiber cables from uniqueproductsonline also.
They are medical grade and are very good.
This is also the cable I decided on after searching the web for awhile. delivery was fast and I am very happy with the product.
Wireworld Supernova 5+ or 6.
cool I ordered the 20$ optical cable, thanks for the info. It will be good to compare to the pricey Audiquest cable I already have.