Good old 2ch versus multi-ch, what to do?

I currently have an OK DVD-A player but want to add SACD. Is happiness possible with 2ch SACD, so I could buy a nice 2ch machine with redbook upsampling, or do I need to go to a universal machine to get it all and multi-ch too? Thoughts, opinions, suggestions are all welcome.
I have a 2-channel SACD system (please click on my "system" link for more details). I purchased speakers that are (a) meant for SACD (slightly higher frequency response...if my hearing even warrants it), and (b) are meant to be expanded into a 5-channel system if I so choose (with other models designed for just that purpose).

My understanding from friends, Audio Asylum postings, and personal experience (on other systems) is that many 5-channel recordings are a little "gimmicky." Remember, engineers, even SACD engineers, have not been in the 5-channel recording game nearly as long as they've been working with 2-channel recordings. Of course, word is that some 5-channel recordings are extremely well done, but they seem to be few and far between.

All in all, 2 channel SACD is definitely worth it, in my humble opinion. Besides, you can always add rear speakers and a center channel later on...once SACD has full bass management and time alignment (a whole other thread...)
I have not yet heard a 5 channel SACD demo that sounded like music. Even with extremely high end components in an acoustically treated and properly set up room, it still gave you the impression of "effects" more than experiencing the music. I think it will get better with time, but right now I am not worried about setting up 5.1 in my system.

BTW I also think that a lot of the SACD's that are just remasters of old discs such as the classic rock and jazz from Sony music actually sound no better than redbooks. The biggest difference I hear is in recordings like the new Beck album etc which lose some glare and grain on SACD.

Also I had a Sony 222ES and sold it, terrible sounding on redbooks, so be sure you listen to players closely and find one that will fill both bills. I have heard the new Denon and Yamaha "universals" also and they butcher cd's.
So maybe the answer is not to invest in SACD just yet, but spend the cash on a really fine CDP with upsampling? I did listen to an Ayre CX-7 today and was very impressed. Of course, it was playing through a pair of Avant-Garde Duos, but I think this player would sound fine in most systems. Any thoughts?
Betat only YOU can decide.
These forums are great for advice but they work better for filling in gaps rather than a cast in stone recommendation.
Try to demo a good CD player and SACD player in your system.
For what it's worth I came to the very conclusion you suggest in your last post-buying the very same player you mention.
Using both advice from Audiogon members and home demo's and my own logic I decided against investing further in SACD-I still have a SACD/DVD player in my system.
However there is a pro-SACD group also who haven't replied to this thread.
You might well find the positive things in SACD that I didn't and others do.
A quick search on SACD will show various debates-however sadly Audiogon decide to delete some threads for reasons best known to themselves meaning that you endlessly end up making the same points in an effort to help people.
Freezing threads that have run their course would mean no more input (if they are considered contentious)but having them in the archives would serve many purposes.
Forget multichannel, if you want the "sound is all arround you" gimmic just pop Roger Waters Amused to Death into a good two channel system and get the multichannel urge out of your system.
You can do some SACD searches here-abouts and get quite the range of opinions. I was talking the other day with a fellow audiophile when I remarked that most of my friends prefer two channel in my home theatre and he said something i need to think about.

"when you have five channel you don't have to turn the volumn up so can still talk and listen at the same time."

Well, it sounded real deep at the time, anyway.
Although I have a multi-channel SACD player, I only
listen in two-channel. I use 5.1 surround sound for
movies, but never for music listening. Is it possible
to reach audio nirvana with two-channel SACD? Absolutely. Before I had the Dac6, I had a Sony SCD
XA777ES CD/SACD player, which also has multi-channel capability, but I only played it in two-channel
and it sounded great on both CD's and SACD's. I bought it on Audiogon for $1,600 used. Since the Dac6 is not a realistic option for a lot of people, I usually find myself recommending the Sony -- it was a damn nice player. I gave it to my younger brother for his birthday and he absolutely loves it. And, he only listens in two-channel. I recommended the Sony to another friend,
he bought one, used, on Audiogon and he called me a few days ago, ecstatic. And, he only listens in two-channel.



Sorry for the shouting.

Thank you.
Oh, and between your DVD-A player and the Sony, you
will have all of your bases covered and will get much
better music play-back than with any Universal Player
you will buy for the same amount of money. A universal
player is NOT the way to go to get superior music play-back. You pay a premium for having them stuff every-
thing into one box and you pay a price in compromised
sonics when they shove everything into one box.
When was the last time you attended live music and had speakers on the back wall? I hate it. Just balance the room acoustically and listen to 2 channel.
With regards the well mentioned Sony XA777ES this is the very machine I considered.
By listening to a well respected Audiogon member and SACD advocat he told me that the Sony was behind the Linn Ikemi on CD replay-well in my system the Ayre CX-7 destroyed the Linn.
From this point of view there was no contest for me.
As regards multi-channel I've heard some impressive stuff but it's not for me.
This has all been discussed before and I return to my previous point why Audiogon should choose to delete certain threads.
The result is myself and others are repeating the same points and personal experience.