good non-ARC linestage for ARC VT-100 MK2/VS-100

Thinking about getting back into ARC tube amps. Obviously, there are the ARC linestages that would mate well with these... but wondering if I could do better for my money and needs outside of ARC.

One thing that's always bugged me about their higher-end Pre/Linstages (e.g. the REF 1, 2, even the ls25, is there seems to be many more switches and connections than the vast majority of people would ever need...leads me to believe you end up paying for a LOT of overhead. (I do like the simpler earlier ARC PREs/LSs but most lack remotes).

Note: Input impedance is 100K for SE on both amps (200K bal on the VT-100)
(I've read that the ratio of input to output impedance should be 200 or great lest bass/performance can suffer?)
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One thing I wanted to add but for some reason the edit window wouldn't let me.

Seems like someone could engineer/build one heck of a good linestage with a modest number of connections features.

(I shouldn't have to say this but will just in case....I am NOT bashing ARC ...I really like their equipment including their pre's but they just seem to overdone for my modest needs to move my dac signal to a good amp)
Oh and I'd like to keep it under 1500 used!
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Needs: Must have remote, under $1500 used, likely Tube, no phono needed, prefer warm and lush over analytical. Need only a few connections. Like my DAC...don't want to discuss and CD/pre direct to Amp options.
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Although I haven't tried this or know anyone who has. I use an AES by Cary a great uncomplicated tube pre. Exactly how it mates with an ARC amp is what I don't know.
One note of caution. You need a true balanced signal out of your preamp for some of the ARC power amps that provide only XLR inputs (like my VT 130SE). ARC's protection scheme will wreak havoc with an input signal that does not see the common mode noise cancellation of true balanced topology. I don't know if your VT 100SE has the same set-up, but you might call ARC to vet your preamp choice before you buy.

Good Luck