Good news for tinnitus sufferers

New research study looks promising

Thanks so much for thinking to share this information.
That's wonderful news. I've suffered for years and music is the only treatment that seems to ease the sound. Thank you for this info.
My dad has suffered most all his life so being a fellow audiphile I will pass this to him and thanks ~!
Good news if you are a rat, certainly. I remember hearing a researcher who had developed a promising cancer treatment in rats saying, "All I'm wiling to claim is that if you're a rat with certain cancers, we've got something very promising to offer you." Too often, these advances don't translate across species; I wish the science press would be more cautious, sometimes.

As a mild sufferer, I'll hope this one works for rats and humans!

Interesting. How do they know rats are suffering tinnitus?
Interesting. How do they know rats are suffering tinnitus?

I'd like to know the answer to this also.
Interesting. How do they know rats are suffering tinnitus?

Well, it's known that tinnitus is caused by false signals from the nerves in the ear to the brain. I would assume that they create the tinnitus in the same way that humans develop it - by loud noise, and that they have some way of measuring the nerve impulses in question both before and after treatment. But I agree, it would be nice if they had told us that. It is, however, only a news story not a journal article.
The article mentions clinical trials on humans starting soon. That indeed is the most exciting things I've read on this forum.
Here is a link to a news clip that recently aired in Philadelphia on tinnitus:

Listen towards the end of the clip...