Good News for "Threshold" Fans.........

After Threshold has fallen on hard times back during the 1990's, it has been discovered by me that Threshold Audio is back in business.

I have ran into this site by accident just now, and then I have browsed through it after I have ran into it. It seems to me that they have upgraded their product line and everything.

They are even bringing the "Stasis" technology back. With a lot of high end companies folding up by the way side, only to not to see them ever again, I think it is good that for once, that I can see a good (well........ I mean GREAT) audio company emerge from the ashes, and do their part to keep high end audio alive again.

So then...... without further ado, I would like to say........ "WELCOME BACK, THRESHOLD!!!!!!"


P.S.: Now, for the tube fans. The company I would like to re-emerge from death is Counterpoint. Now that I know we have "Threshold" back, could it be possible that we could see the resurrection of "Counterpoint" as well????

P.S.: Here is the link to "Threshold". It is...... ""
Charles: It has been pretty well publicized in various mags that Threshold ( the name ) is back in business. Since Nelson Pass was a large part of Threshold ( later sold to PS Audio ), i have to wonder who the "brains" behind this operation are ?

As far as Counterpoint goes, Michael Elliot has been repairing / re-designing / up-grading / offering new products along the same lines as earlier Counterpoint products for many years now. Here's a link to his company website, which is known as Alta Vista Audio. He's been advertising in Stereophile for what has to be at least several years on a monthly basis. Sean
I also forgot to mention that Michael Elliot has been running another company doing the same thing under the name of Aria Audio. These two companies share the same phone number of (877) 517-4247. Sean
PASS Audio rose to fame, and Coda became another respected name, so Threshold is dredging through old designs and trying to make a go. Personally I follow the PASS direction.

Nelson Pass is tha man...
it is only good news if you want new product as they were less than helpful in regards to repairing an older model Threshold amp. They will only involve themselves with the "T" series but nothing further back. How dare they identify themselves with the name of THRESHOLD!!!