Good news/Bad news

The good news: Just got Motzart's Piano Concerto No. 25/Piano Sonatas on Blu-Ray DTS-HD Master.

The bad news: My Pioneer 51FD player must spin at a higher velocity (to retrieve all 'them bits) which almost drowns out the music at low volume.

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do you know if PS3 has this problem, which I am not familiar with.
Don't know.
I don't notice "the problem" with video or Music on Dolby True-HD.
The Mozart disk uses DTS-HD Master.
It might just be coincidence that the spinning speed for DTS just happens to fall into the range that excites the noise from my player.
This is why most High-end players use 1/4 "armor" (to contain mechanical noise).
The music coming out of my speakers is very musical and has a very low noise floor.
The problem is, at low volume, the whooshing noise from my player overwhelms the music.
This should not be overlooked be the people making the player (or put a warning sticker on the box to not sit closer than 10 feet!).