BAck in the 60/70s, in Muzak's heyday, was there anything less "cool" to listen to than FM Muzak stations?

Still, there are some interesting "muzak" format stations available for free these days on the internet.

One of my favorites is - "Easy Listening". Its like a quirky yet appealingly hi fi muzak time capsule from 40 years ago and great for light listening with the intent to eventually doze off.

Here one might hear quirky but interesting arrangements of some theme song from your favorite 60s or 70's cop drama (remember "Cannon" anyone?) that you haven't heard in years all with very good sound that might actually make you think "hey, muzak can actually sound pretty good on a good system, maybe it really isn't all bad."
Frank Zappa will be very happy. May he now rest in peace....
"Frank Zappa will be very happy. May he now rest in peace...."

How do we know there is no Muzak in heaven?

Or the other place even for that matter?
Muzak would be hell for Zappa! Give him a guitar and a big fattie and let him make music.
On yahoo it said that XM radio may also file for bankruptcy.
I am certain that they would only play Muzak in hell.
ABC news reported this morning that Serius is not far behind, seriusly.