good music/poor recording, bad music excellent

recording. What do you prefer?
you like to stir things up don't you?

OK OK usually the first but can admit to the later...
good music/poor recordings = a porsche with a flat tyre on a unpaved pot holed road.
bad music excellent= a porsche with a flat tyre on a race track.

In answer to your question; Yes. No.
You're kidding right? Why listen to bad music no matter how good it sounds? Of course everyone's definition of "bad" is different, but I buy discs for the music on them, good or great sound is a bonus.
Of the two, I would take "good music/poor recording" over "bad music/excellent recording", any day of the week. Quite often a great performance will override a less that stellar recording of that music. Of course, like all of us, I would prefer "good music/excellent recording", but sometimes it's hard to get that combination, but when you do........... :-).
Life's too short for bad music.
Yes, bad music is unacceptable even if it is sonically amazing. It reminds me of a story I once heard about the most sorry-assed audiophile who loved an LP of train sounds. He said it was a great recording. I bet it was. An idiot. I hope he was happy and was nice to his kids.
Listening to Enya (watermark) right now....good music, good recording!

With millions and millions of recordings in the world, why would anyone have to listen to a bad one?

Stones and Yes(the band)