Good Multi-Channel Amp for HT and 2ch Audio?

I have over the last several weeks put up various posts about Repair or Replace Adcom MonoBlocks. I am exploring different options as to which way to go. I am considering going with a 1 amp setup. I am looking for a good Multi-Channel amp that would be a good pick for 2 channel audio listening as well as Home Theater. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
Not knowing your budget, I would recommend looking at Parasound, B&k and Aragon/Acurus amps. These can be found in a price range between $500-!000. IMHO they are slightly more musical. For amps a little more pricy, check out Proceed (I think they are made by Levinson), Classe and Pass Labs. Note: these are SS.
Anthem, Classe, Levinson
Multi-Kilobuck options:

Plinius Odeon
Theta Dreadnaught I/II
Bat VK-6200
Sim Audio Titan 5 and 7 channel versions

Please note that the Titan chasis come in two flavours, a 5 channel and 7 channel version. If you want 5 channels now with plans to add two more channels in the future get the 7 channel chasis.
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I have a Classe five channel that I like real well. It's not exactly going to kill my tube amp or anything, but it does the trick with my Maggies.

EAD power master is very musical
My budget will be about $0-1400.00 around that range, not any more than that. Got a good deal on an Outlaw Model 950 Surround Processor, Pre-Amp, tuner. Waiting for that to arrive.
Boat, at your price you should really look into a Chiro. Nice bass on that amp.
adcom 7607
You present a good question and I feel comfortable offering some feedback. I have a B&K 507 S2 HT Receiver, which in its own right does a very nice job for 2 channel and HT. However, the configuration of this receiver for the zone 2 application required me to have another amp to drive the zone 2 speakers (or wait over a month to have my 507 shipped, modified and returned).

As a result, I purchased quite a few used amps to determine what I wanted. In the end, I purchased a Conrad Johnson MX5600 5 channel amp. I bought this because I like the flexibility it offered for the second zone and if I really liked the sound, I could use this to drive the main speakers in my HT. This is how it is presently operating, to my great pleaseure.

Because the other amps I was auditioning were only two channel amps, I am hard pressed to comment on too many other multi channel amps. FYI - the CJ SS amp is running Totem speakers (Arros in one room and Hawks in another). Because I am awaiting delivery on some new (used) VR 4JR speakers, I may once again be in the market for another amp just for these speakers if necessary. Anybody looking to dump a Plinius, Sim, Krell 400, Arye for very cheap? Give me a call.