Good Monitors with NAD C356 (for now)

In a previous discussion I posted question: "Which floor standing speakers with NAD C356 Integrated amplifier".
I received many recommendations but unfortunately I will have to go with the monitors due to to problem with the space. THANKS TO ALL WHO WERE VERY KIND TO RESPOND.
So far I am using MA Silver 2. Nice bass but the high are kind of mellow that compromises details. Even with
the Accuphase E-370 that I borrowed from my friend, the highs didn't improve. Of course the sound was on a different level and more details but still no crisp highs so now I am on a market for really good monitors. Just for now I will keep the NAD and latter on I will of course upgrade. Room size is: 17'x13'x9'. Budget is $3.500.00.
Will the monitors be on stands, away from the wall, or will they be on a shelf/furniture close to the wall behind them? Will make a difference as some bookshelf/monitor speakers are better suited to near wall placement.

They will be placed on the Sound Anchor stands and maximum 15" from the rear wall, 8' to 9' apart. Listening distance is 9'.
No furniture around speakers.
I have the C356 and it is not in service.  My recommendation with your budget is to buy a rogue audio cronus magnum ii and some KEF LS50s.
this combination will sound far better than any speakers (e.g. Harbeth C7ES) you could ever add to the NAD.    

@ djengan
Save yourself $1500. The Harbeth P3ESR will go nice with the NAD.
I’ve owned many monitors and these are still my favorite.
Here is a review that nails them!
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