Good Monitors for no more than 150?

I need some smaller monitors for a small room but dont want to spend too much. i want something that i dont have to sacrifice alot of sound quality with. Any suggestions?
Build a North Creek Echo kit!
There is a pair of Sound Dynamics RTS3 for 200.00 on the GON right now. Make him an offer for $150.00 and see what happens.
These were highly rated by Harry Pearson in The Absolute Sound, and I bought a few used pairs for a couple of friends and they love them. Good Luck
psb alphas.
Canton makes some pretty good lower end... as well as higher end too... speakers. I bought a pair a year ago for about $200 and like them very much... for what they are. 87db 8ohms. Single pair of posts. Nice sounding.

Phase Tech doesn't get much notice IMO but they are very good speakers presenting a great value and sonics, for the money. I've two pairs of them.
second the phase tech--look for the pc series. also look at mordaunt short avant--nice stuff
There might still be a pair of Celestion 7s on Audiogon for $150. I believe they have an 8'' woofer and might be a little too big. However, I really liked my Celestion 3s and 5s. I don't know if the 7s are as tuneful in the bass. I'd risk it for $150.
KEF's Q-series. I still miss my old Q15s. Midrange and soundstaging magic.
wow thanks for all the responses, my buddy has some phase techs and they sound wonderful for such small speakers. I will look into those for sure. Does anyone have any info or experience with the dayton br 1? They are do it yourselfers.
I have an additional Q to this post. I'm curious if Wharfedale and Triangle can consider as "good" for bookshelf at this price range?
Maybe a used pair of Paradigm Atoms? Any version will do. For new speakers in that price range, some Polk monitors give decent bang for the buck, IMHO.
cambridge audio 6.
This is an easy one, the Roth Audio OLi1, a solid and beautiful British minimonitor with great sound for $150. Read my reviews at Amazon and Audio Circle.
I forgot to add a rave review of the OLi1 by What Hi-Fi? magazine.
If you're willing to go up to $200/pr, you could snag one of the last closeout pairs of Athena LS-300 towers (retail $500/pair) from Audio Advisor. I always liked the speakers from API: Good tonal balance, smooth, neutral, works well with all kinds of music. These floorstanders will also give you more of the bottom octave than most sub-$200 contenders.

At your target $150/pair, you'd be hard-pressed to beat the Energy C-200. 88dB sensitivity, bass into the low 40's/high 30's, handles up to 125 watts, excellent room-filling dispersion, good transparency and detail in a natural perspective, especially at that price.
Wharfedale 9.0, 9.1, 9.2.
Had the 9.0 for a small system and had to g to Quad 12s to upgrade.
Try, new 9.0s are $99 per pair.
find some used nht models from earlier days.