Good monitor speakers for 300B amps.

That is it. Let me know what you think, what you have heard, and what you have used in your system, and don't be afraid to offer an opinion even if you have absolutely no knowledge about the subject. 
I have a Will Vincent SE45. At 1.75 watts it's a real flea-power amp! It might work well with my vintage Klipsch Heresy's (100 db sensitivity). These would also be a good choice for a 300B amp (Led Zepellin at 7 watts!).
Perhaps not as small as you want but the new Klipsch Forte III's are awesome, and would work very well!
Omega Speaker Systems
All will sound great with a 8w 300b amp with many models to choose from depending on your budget.
@rodge827   +1 on the Omegas speakers!

I run a pair of Super Alnico HO monitors with a pair of Coincident Frank mkII 300b monoblocks, and the combination is sublime. Something to be said about the single driver speaker / SET amp combination. Doubt I’d ever change to anything else!

running a 4 watt Decware amp with Ref 3A de Capos, detailed, lifelike, dynamic
For a time I was a Ref 3A dealer. I do like those speakers. A little  too large for this room. 

The problem is you need efficiency to really hear what the amp can do.

With any SET, your normal high volume listening level should not exceed about 20-25% of full power that the amp makes, due to the excess distortion that will occur. The distortion manifests as 'dynamics' due to how the distortion components interact with the human ear.
This is one of the reasons people often think or say that 'its loud enough'; its not because it actually is- the 'loudness' they hear is being caused by distortion, not actual sound pressure.
The reason this is so is that the ear uses the higher ordered harmonics to sense sound pressure. When higher ordered harmonic distortion is present, the result is that it sounds louder when it really isn't.
To avoid this, a more efficient speaker is needed. If you want something smaller, about the only game in town is a higher efficiency full range driver, like a Lowther or PHY.
PHY has offered an open back cabinet for their 8" driver that is actually not very large and isn't expensive. Its good down to about 60 Hz or so and sounds pretty decent. Its efficiency is about 99db with the PHY driver. I'm not a fan of PHY, mostly because the product is not well supported after the fact (we had to recone one once and getting the parts was a nightmare- PHY was being pretty precious about them). But if you really want to hear what a lower power SET actually does, you need this sort of efficiency in most rooms.
In truth a horn system of 105db or more would be better, but that is hardly 'monitor' sized.
Well Grinnell is running 4 watts into a two way monitor speaker. Says it is dynamic and lifelike. I have heard the deCapos and run them with 8 watts and they are fine. For me a little to big a bass. 

can I drive the porch's with 300B? 

Do the Focals have a soft dome tweeter?


Do you  think I can power the ProAc's with a 300B amp.

Spell check got my last attempt.

Nobody make high efficiency  monitor is good with 8 watts, is it dream
you can order custom made from me Bache audio

Do you  think I can power the ProAc's with a 300B amp.
Did you read my last post? It still applies :) The correct answer is 'no' unless you in a small situation, like a desktop.
@soundrealaudioI     i can explain my philosophy which i used before
with Bache Audio -002
You have 8 watt tube power. Ok , No more,  you have to use this Revenue 8  to power midrange  and tweeter.  No more power to get 
good sound , just 8 watts, From 700hz and up to 20000, you need
high sensitivity wideband driver and tweeter.  External   subwoofer 
does not good in this situation . you need extra  midwoofer 5-6"  but you 
cannot find midbass with sensitivity more 90db.  So we used active buld 
in small amps with crossover point 700hz.  But dont worry , is not important , it will be driven just midbass, it not will be affected to tube sound

I did read your post. Was I suppose to venerate it?

I remember driving a pair of Merlin floor standers with 8 watt 300 B. I don't think it is all that difficult. 
Yeah I was just looking at them. I have only heard them located in the corners and that model did not impress me. Are you AN-K's on stands? close to rear wall? 
I have AN-J's the next model up in a conventional setup not in corners. I have heard the K's, at my dealer Deja Vu Audio, in a similar setup. They sound fantastic I love the sealed box design bass is tight and punchy. They are worth auditioning at a dealer that will let you play with positioning.
I have  a pair of Air Tight AL-05 monitors which I run with the Air Tight 300 B (30th Anniversary) amp. Just unbelievable. Only a 4" driver, but out of this world clarity, coherence, sound stage, blah, blah. Very reasonable if you can find them. I paid 1300 used, new I think they are only 2500.00. I recently added a low powered REL sub, just because I could, but they really don't need it. 
My two cents, but I do have three systems, a lot of experience. I also run ESL 57's (refurbished by Wayne Piquet, Quads Unlimited) on a Air Tight KT88 amp, (in the same room)  and it's kind of a toss up, both are extremely good.
suavie4007 sounds like a couple of nice systems! In the somewhat distant past I ran an Air Tight ATC-1/ATM-1 combo very nice gear.

Thanks for that. I did not know that Air Tight made speakers, Will check them out. What stands do you use?

Check out Sonist Speakers. I have heard the Sonist Concerto 2 at the RMAF a few years back. Using DeHavilland SE tube amps. Stunning sound. 

I am familiar with the Sonist Speakers. Really nice looking. Years ago I shared a room with Sonist and Kara Chaffee at the RMAF. They are a little larger then I am looking for. They do sound very nice however.

Thanks for the idea.

About 10 years ago I had a system that consisted of a Cary CAD-300 SEI integrated amp, Proac Response One SC speakers and all Nordost cables....Match made in heaven!   I still have the One SC's but don't use them.....moved up to the larger ProAc D30r's.
Oh yes the Pro Ac's I like that idea. They still make the Tablet 10 which might be just the ticket. Good size good sound. The others I was looking at are the Audio Note and the J M Reynauld. 
Omega makes really great sounding high efficiency monitors and they don't get the recognition they deserve. They are RSL bargains at their their asking price and the new natural finishes are very beautiful.
I used AudioNote 300b's with Reference 3A decapo's (be) for over a year and half before I moved on to a Pass 30.8.  The Decapo's with the audionote amps were very seductive,  their imaging and instrumental tonality was just wonderful.  I spent many late nights listening to music with this setup. On a couple of nights while listening to Eva Cassidy's "live at blues ally" I actually thought she was standing/sitting in front of me. And no I was not using any pharmaceutical enhancement.
best always

Hey, Folks,

For several happy years, I enjoyed the music making company of my Audio Note Kits "Kit 1" 300 B SET amplifier, which I built with my own two hands (loved the experience). As documented on my blog, here, I eventually learned that although sensitivity ratings (the stuff you see quoted in decibels in manufacturer's literature) are certainly important in finding a good match for a low powered, single ended amplifier, it doesn't tell the whole story. I thought that my Spatial M3 Turbo S speakers sounded splendid with that single ended amp, and they did… until I happened to hear the same speakers with a high-powered, solid-state amp that I had borrowed and that seemed to make everything I like about the Spatial's a lot better. When I spoke with Clayton Shaw of Spatial to ask him why, he explained that sensitivity is part of the story (and an important part, since ideally you want a SET amplifier to be operating within its "1st watt” for lowest distortion), but you also have to take into account the impedance curve of the speaker – how difficult or easy a load is it for the amplifier to drive properly? And in that regard, the standard M3 Turbo S was not going to be a particularly great match for a SET amp.

By the way, I ran my Reference 3A De Capo monitors (which I loved) with that 300 B amp for quite a while. It sounded lovely, but it turns out that the sensitivity ratings given by the manufacturer are somewhat optimistic. It's not a slam on the manufacturer or the speaker – both are great – but there doesn't seem to be any standard way of determining sensitivity, and the question is always, across what part of the frequency spectrum is the speaker that sensitive?

Anyway, let me toss out a somewhat out-of-the-box suggestion. You might take a look at the very well reviewed Fritz Speakers Carbon 7's. Although the sensitivity ratings of Fritz's monitors are not at first glance especially high, their impedance curve tends to be nice and flat and an easy amp load due, in part, to the series crossovers that Fritz uses. Plus, Fritz is a sweetheart to deal with. Anyway,  here is my review of the Carbon 7 SE speaker paired with my old 300 B amp.  Enjoy.


I have owned the Omega's. It has been a long time ago however. They are good for low watt amps that is for sure.
I use Pangea Audio DS-400 32" stands. Kinda over kill as the speakers only weigh about 32", but the height projects them over the top of my ESL 57 Quads.

I tried Spatial audio as well. Nice, just not special. My little Air Tight speaker blew them away for clarity, transparence, etc.
I enjoy very much a pair of Omega Super Alnico Monitors.

I heard there was a cult following for this speaker before I bought it.
Now I know why.  Just an amazing speaker for a 300b amp. It is 94db and sounds just as good with my 4 watt parallel 45 EML mesh tubes.  Actually the 45 tubes are slightly more intimate than 300b's but have less power.

The Omega's never gets past 4 o'clock on the volume.  They are so easy to drive and so revealing and natural without any crossover.

I have speakers worth ten times the price, and the Omega's are very special because even though they can't do everything, what they do right, is just bliss.

I have tried Totem Model One's monitors at 87.5db with the 8 watt 300b amp.  It does sound Ok but the Omega's sound so much better.  At 11w x 20h x 14d , the omega's are a large monitor.

Maybe one day I will try the smaller Omega Super 7 Monitor Mk2 at only 9w x 15h x 12.5d.