Good mid-priced speakers for vintage Mac?

I inherited a pair of MC-30 amps and a MX-110 receiver and had them completely rebuilt. Now, I just need to find a good pair of speakers to run them through. My dad used Bozaks. I'm hoping to stay under $3,000 for a pair (presumably used). Suggestions?
Speakers are a very personal choice. What have you heard so far that you liked?
You could chase down some used Bozak speakers on ebay if you choose.
That is if you liked them enough when you listened to your das's set.

I don't know if there is any rebuilding service like there is for Altec if it becomes necessary.
I've recently been listening to a lot of speakers, mostly 2-way monitors that I will most likely be driving with a McIntosh MA5200 integrated (100 wpc), but also still considering a Musical Fidelity M6i or Bryston B135 SST2.

I thought the best value line I heard was the Revel Performer3 series. There's the M106 two-way for $2K ($500 for matching stands), but if you could swing another $500 for your budget, the F206 is a great floor stander.
how about B&W 801 S2/3 Matrix.
Can get for a low price used one - great performance.
Sorry to be this blunt, but I think Hakuchosan has no idea wwhat he/she's taking about. Larger B&Ws need a lot of power to open up, and the 801 is the second-largest in the lineup. You probably need at least 250 Wpc to start getting good results out of them. Of course, at 30 Wpc you will get sound, but far from what those amps and speakers could achieve if well-matched.

For the record, I drive B&W 804S with McIntosh MC-275 and love it. The 275 has 75 Wpc and the 804 are the smallest 3-way speakers in the B&W 800-series.

As noted above, speakers are very personal. Reference 3a De Capos could be an option. Sonus Faber monitors could be another option, although I suspect it might be too warm a combination. Try searching the virtual systems section, searching for your amps and see what hits you get.

Good luck!
Klipsch and McIntosh is a classic combo, also the Altecs someone mentioned earlier
Macs and Bozaks were a very popular pairing in the fifties and sixties. They would often use each other's equipment to demo their products. With the Mac30 there is a good chance that your father's Bozaks were the model B302A/Concerto V. They came in several furniture styles and were/are very good sounding speakers. They later evolved into the B401 Rhapsody which used improved tweeters. Both can often be found for sale on E-Bay at reasonable prices. Bozaks are one of my all time favorite speakers.

Other popular Mac parings besides the before mentioned brands were JBL and Tannoy. Not sure about the used prices on JBL, but used Tannoy's are still very expensive.

Right now I have a rebuilt Mac240 driving a pair of vintage Klipschorns. If you have the room and the corners, they are still VERY impressive. Your MC30's have more than enough power to drive them and I've often seen them for sale between two and three thousand dollars. They are still being made and parts are readily available. Have fun and good luck.
Thanks for all the good advice. Bond-san was right on: My dad's Bozaks were B302As!