Good Materials for Curtains

Has anyone made heavy curtains specifically to add absorbance to a room, and (of course) to block the reflections of glass? If so, what materials did you use. This is such a simple and common acoustical technique, yet I can find little written about what types of fabric (etc) are best. Thanks for your experienced suggestions.
Probably not talked about much due to the fact that most men don't get to choose - WAF rules. :-) But if I wanted to deaden the sound I would use lined wool. If I wanted to reduce the sound, as in making it diffused, about any other materiel would do so long as its not sheer.
I asked a similiar question back in Jan./03....this was Richard from Rives Audio reply

01-11-03: Rives
Hunter vertical blinds makes a Honey comb. It works quite well for some absoption and diffusion. For absorption heavy natural fiber of two different types, have a liner of heavey loose woven material like denium or wool and a lighter fabric on the outside. You need a gather of about 50% when the drapes are closed. This will work quite well. Short of replacing the inserts in the glass there is little you can do about the bass leakage.
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I put up some velvet curtains on the front and side walls and they seem to have eliminated enough of the early reflections to increase focus, depth and imaging quite noticeably.
Get the curtains that look best in your room and then get the AudioPrism vibration control dots to tune-in your windows. Velvet curtains??? Yeh, baby!!
If you live in a city, I would use curtains that shield against RFI, something with a metal braid woven inside them.