Good matching speakers for YBA Integre DT

I am constructing a new audio system here in US.

I already bought a YBA Integre DT integrated amp and Arcam CD23T cd player. Now I am looking for good matching speakers.

I know both Integre and CD23 have clean and clear sound and they sound somewhat lean. So I hope for speakers having warm, soft, and rich sound with some body and texture. Because Integre has 50 watts only so speakers with high efficiency would be better.

I mostly hear classical music, vocals, and some soft jazz. What is good matching speakers (used) at below $2000 for me? I am considering Proac 1SC and Reference 3A MM De Capo (i). But I'd like to know what are good tall-boy speakers for me because bookshelf speakers usually need good stands.

Hope for your valuable suggestions. Thank you.

I have heard these components in the past and came away impressed. Look at Focal / JM Lab for a excellent match. talk to Sound Images about this in more detail! They are friendly and non-pushy.

Sound Images by High Tech
6541 Arlington Blvd
Falls Church, VA
Phone: 703-534-1733

Hope this helps

Jean Marie Reynaud speakers are an excellent match with YBA components. The same holds true for YBA's junior line Audio Refinement.

There are some used JMR Evolution 3 floorstanders(reviews) for sale here which would be pretty nice for your musical tastes. But, the Offrande large monitor might be even better.

If I remember correctly, YBA & JMR used to pair up at audio shows for demonstration.
Thank you for the posts, Studio1 and Darkmoebius.

But I think Focal and Darkmoebius have similar sound to YBA. They sound clean and clear but doesn't they sound somewhat sharp and lean?

I think French goods usually have their own characteristics. Of course so do British and Italian things.

I want warm and rich sound, but body and texture is also important to me. I think ATC sound is close, but they need huge power. How about Proac Response 1.5 or Spendor S5e? Can the YBA drive them well?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Orthogon,
But I think Focal and Darkmoebius have similar sound to YBA. They sound clean and clear but doesn't they sound somewhat sharp and lean?
No, all JMR speakers I have heard(and owned) have a distinctly full and rich sound. I owned the Twins mkII, and have heard the Offrandes, Concordes, and Trentes.

Bob Neil, of Positive Feedback online magazine, did a comprehensive review of the nearly entire JMR line. His description perfectly describe the Reynaud musical experience - Twins, Trente, Offrande, Concordes, Cantabile.
Thank you Darkmoebius. I will try to hear JMR Evolution 3 floorstanders. They are not so far from here fortunately.

By the way, did you hear the speakers I mentioned, Proac Response 1.5 and Spendor S5e? I think they sound vocals and strings excellantly. Would you compare those to JMR? Thanks.
I agree with Studio1, I love Focal JMlab speakers, I own a pair of Micro-Utopias and the sound is warm but detailed. You may also consider Sonus Faber speakers, I once had a pair of the Grand Piano and they were quite warm. Happy listening!
I have used ProAc's Studio 125 and D15's with YBA gear for a long time. I have been happy.
Congratulations on the YBA Integre DT. It is a wonderful integrated amp, very musical indeed. I've had a pleasant experience with the YBA Integre driving some B&W N805 speakers. The sound is warm and yet musical.

Good luck.
You should try Wilson Benesch ARC, with KS Fascination cables.