Good Matching Preamp with Pass Labs X350

I am using Sphnix Project 8 preamp with Pass Labs X350 power amp, but miss the warm and harmonically rich sound generated by my previous tube gear. I am thinking of replacing the preamp with a tube preamp. Any suggestion that can bring back the previous lovely sound? Audio Note M3, Conrad Johnson LS17? Or any others? I am afraid of Hovalnd HP100, which looks marvellous but the some 23-steps volumne control gives too little flexibility. Thanks.

Try to find Conrad-johnson PFR.You'll get your magic back plus some.Actually i used it with my Pass X250,then for some reason sold the preamp.I tried Pass X1,CJ Premier 18,Cary SLp 98 and was never even close to what i had before.I am on lookout for PFR myself (there is none on Agon now) but you can beat me to it because i usually check it only once at the end of the day.Good luck.
A friend of mine who has the Pass x250.5 just put a Cary SLP-05 into his system. We listened to Miles Davis "Take Five". It was pretty amazing. I have heard this cd at least 20x and I never thought it could sound this good!
I love my Pass Labs X1 preamp. I'm using it with my MF A308cr but may be replacing the MF with a Pass X250 soon. It's not a tube pre, but you'd have that "synergy" thing goin', matted with your X350.
I have used two preamps that worked very well with my X250 - The BAT VK31SE and the Jeff Rowland Concerto. I now own the Jeff Rowland and prefer it to the BAT but I cannot fault the tube preamp. The solid state Jeff Rowland is an excellent preamp with the X250; a great deal of detail and yet not "in your face" and excellent sound staging and bass definition.
Miles Davis "Take Five"?
Tgyeti,be careful.I thought that both Pass pieces will work together good but the lack of synergy was amazing.As i understand they were designed by different people and Nelson Pass had no input in preamp.The sound that i had was as if you put an EQ in the chain and then pulled all the controls down.I got decent results with male vocals and various instrumental bossa nova trios but god forbid you listen to female vocals or hard rock.Then the sound will send shivers of disgust thru you.
Overhang, thanks a million for that advice. I'll demo the 2 together before I buy it, that's for sure!
I'm real happy with my MF A308cr so I'm in no hurry.